Definition of Regulator:

  1. Subsystem or independent device that determines and maintains the operating parameters of a system, usually within certain prescribed or preset limits.

  2. A person or thing that regulates something.

How to use Regulator in a sentence?

  1. The regulator was in business and that meant a lot of good things for me and my friend, who needed it badly.
  2. They called for urgent action to address the problems, including a referral to the forensic science regulator.
  3. Most business should have a regulator to keep parameters of systems running smoothly, and within the prescribed preset limits of the subsystem.
  4. When checking up on all the things in your office to make sure they are up to code dont forget the regulator .

Meaning of Regulator & Regulator Definition

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Regulator Definition:

  • Regulator is a term used to describe a person or group that oversees the activities of a particular sector. In the insurance industry, regulators ensure compliance with insurance industry laws, guidelines, rules and regulations. Regulators are usually government insurance departments that are legally administered and authorized.

Meanings of Regulator

  1. Someone or something that rules over something.

Sentences of Regulator

  1. He demanded that immediate action be taken to resolve the issue, citing forensic regulators.

Synonyms of Regulator

thermostat , governor , director , valve , manager , switch


How To Define Regulator?

Regulator is a term used to describe a person or group working in a particular industry. In the insurance industry, regulatory authorities ensure compliance with laws, guidelines, rules and regulations related to the insurance industry. Regulators are usually government insurance departments that are guided by law.

Meanings of Regulator

  1. Someone or something that controls something.