Definition of Regulation:

  1. General: Principle or rule (with or without the coercive power of law) employed in controlling, directing, or managing an activity, organization, or system.

  2. Law: Rule based on and meant to carry out a specific piece of legislation (such as for the protection of environment). Regulations are enforced usually by a regulatory agency formed or mandated to carry out the purpose or provisions of a legislation. Also called regulatory requirement.

  3. A rule or directive made and maintained by an authority.

  4. The action or process of regulating or being regulated.

Synonyms of Regulation

Adjustment, Control, Management, Balancing, Setting, Synchronization, Modulation, Tuning, Rule, Ruling, Order, Directive, Act, Law, By-law, Statute, Edict, Canon, Ordinance, Pronouncement, Mandate, Dictate, Dictum, Decree, Fiat, Proclamation, Command, Injunction, Procedure, Requirement, Prescription, Precept, Guideline, Procrustean law, Accepted, Accommodation, Accustomed, Act, Adaptation, Adjustment, Administration, Assimilation, Attunement, Authoritative, Authority, Average, Balance, Balancing, Bill, Binding, Bylaw, Canon, Canonical, Charting, Civil government, Coaptation, Code, Codification, Command, Commandment, Common, Commonplace, Conduct, Conformable, Consuetudinary, Control, Convention, Conventional, Coordination, Criterion, Current, Customary, Decree, Decretum, Dictate, Dictated, Dictation, Dictum, Didactic, Direction, Directive, Discipline, Dispensation, Disposition, Edict, Empery, Empire, Enactment, Established, Everyday, Familiar, Fiat, Fixing, Form, Form of government, Formality, Formula, Formulary, General orders, General principle, Generally accepted, Golden rule, Governance, Government, Guidance, Guideline, Guiding principle, Habitual, Handling, Hard and fast, Harmonization, Household, Husbandry, Imperative, Institution, Instruction, Instructive, Integration, Jus, Law, Law of nature, Lead, Leading, Legislation, Lex, Maintenance, Management, Managery, Managing, Mandatory, Manipulation, Maxim, Measure, Methodization, Mitzvah, Modification, Modulation, Moral, Norm, Norma, Normal, Normalization, Normative, Obtaining, Official, Order, Order of nature, Ordering, Ordinance, Ordinary, Ordination, Ordonnance, Organization, Oversight, Pilotage, Planning, Political organization, Polity, Popular, Precept, Preceptive, Predominating, Prescribed, Prescribed form, Prescript, Prescription, Prescriptive, Prevailing, Prevalent, Principium, Principle, Proclamation, Pronouncement, Rationalization, Received, Reconcilement, Reconciliation, Regime, Regimen, Regnancy, Regular, Regularization, Reign, Required, Routinization, Rubric, Rule, Ruling, Running, Set, Set form, Setting, Settled principle, Sovereignty, Squaring, Standard, Standing order, Statute, Statutory, Steerage, Steering, Stock, Supervision, Sway, Synchronization, System of government, Systematization, Tenet, The conn, The helm, The wheel, Time-honored, Timing, Traditional, Typical, Ukase, Universal, Universal law, Usual, Vernacular, Widespread, Wonted, Working principle, Working rule

How to use Regulation in a sentence?

  1. It was against regulation for the farmer to wear his overalls to the meeting because it had an impact on the teams feelings.
  2. The regulation of financial markets.
  3. When you are starting a new company you must make sure that it will pass every regulation or you could get big fines down the road.
  4. Planning regulations.
  5. When starting a new business you must know every rule and regulation ahead of time so that everything is up to code.

Meaning of Regulation & Regulation Definition