Definition of Regulation:

  1. General: A rule or rule for the control, management, or administration of an activity, organization, or system (with or without any legal coercion).

  2. Law: Principles are based on principles and are intended to apply certain legal provisions (for example to protect the environment). Rules and regulations are generally enforced by regulatory bodies with powers or mandates to meet legal purposes or provisions. Also known as regulatory requirements.

  3. Rules or policies developed by government agencies.

  4. Regulatory or regulatory act or process.

Synonyms of Regulation

Balancing, Systematization, Set form, Management, Precept, Hard and fast, Reconciliation, Control, Proclamation, Ruling, Setting, Methodization, Fiat, Guideline, Authority, Formula, Directive, Canonical, Familiar, System of government, Law, Precept, Directive, Didactic, Modulation, Prescribed, Governance, Obtaining, Supervision, Reign, Handling, Conduct, Principle, Discipline, Prevailing, Widespread, Binding, Modification, Ordination, Conventional, Canon, Imperative, Current, Adaptation, Typical, Guideline, Rubric, Mandate, Legislation, Authoritative, Proclamation, Ordering, Law of nature, Routinization, Accommodation, Ordonnance, Settled principle, Dispensation, Management, Criterion, Dictated, Statutory, Statute, Disposition, Universal, Steering, Steerage, Regime, Pronouncement, Preceptive, Ordinance, Instruction, Official, Synchronization, Stock, Statute, Synchronization, Norma, Tenet, Established, Commonplace, Rationalization, Usual, Law, Political organization, Code, Attunement, Bill, Pronouncement, Institution, Integration, Sovereignty, Ordinance, Ruling, Form, Charting, Normal, Predominating, Fixing, The wheel, Standing order, Coordination, Normalization, Decree, Formality, Decree, Edict, Habitual, Standard, Dictum, Codification, Guidance, Ukase, Order, Manipulation, Commandment, Empire, Fiat, Regularization, Harmonization, Instructive, Form of government, Dictum, Canon, Balance, Assimilation, Adjustment, Norm, Prevalent, Polity, Accepted, Control, Convention, Mandatory, Working principle, Customary, Pilotage, Managing, Moral, Order, Order of nature, General orders, Consuetudinary, Golden rule, Prescription, Procedure, Modulation, Oversight, Sway, Balancing, Everyday, Squaring, Prescriptive, Edict, Managery, Reconcilement, General principle, Dictation, Empery, The conn, Vernacular, Act, Command, Accustomed, Organization, Wonted, Coaptation, Bylaw, Principium, Government, Set, Requirement, Required, Working rule, Maintenance, Universal law, Planning, Procrustean law, Act, Prescribed form, Enactment, Measure, Tuning, Common, Formulary, Timing, Average, Dictate, Regular, Lex, Ordinary, Administration, Running, Normative, Prescript, The helm, Command, Civil government, Jus, Injunction, Dictate, Setting, Maxim, Regimen, Traditional, Conformable, By-law, Prescription, Lead, Leading, Guiding principle, Rule, Adjustment, Rule, Husbandry, Household, Time-honored, Popular, Direction, Regnancy, Decretum, Mitzvah, Received, Generally accepted

How to use Regulation in a sentence?

  1. It is a crime for a farmer to wear his own cloth in a meeting as it will demoralize the staff.
  2. Financial market regulation.
  3. When starting a new business, you have to make sure that it complies with all the rules or you will face heavy fines.
  4. City regulations.
  5. When starting a new business, you will need to know all the rules and regulations in advance so that everything is in accordance with the code.

Meaning of Regulation & Regulation Definition


Regulation means,

Overseeing government agencies on business practices. Insurers are controlled by insurers in each state.

Meanings of Regulation

  1. Rules or policies developed and maintained by government agencies.

  2. The act or process of organizing or governing.

Sentences of Regulation

  1. City decree