Regulation O

Regulation O,

Definition of Regulation O:

  1. Regulation O is a federal reserve principle that member banks impose limits and regulations on loans to its executives, major shareholders and directors. The regulations were designed to prevent bank directors, trustees, executives or large shareholders (insiders) from benefiting from the increase in cheap loans.

    • Roll O the governs the expansion of loans that member banks may offer internally.
    • Roll O is required of banks to report all available updates to internal sources in quarterly reports.
    • Rule O defines a bank as an internal bank director or trustee, executive or principal shareholder.
    • The current restrictions are intended to prevent bank members from benefiting from the expansion of profitable or generous loans

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Meanings of Regulation:
  1. Rules or policies developed by government agencies.

  2. Regulatory or regulatory act or process.

Sentences of Regulation
  1. City regulations

  2. Financial market regulation

Synonyms of Regulation

modulation, act, control, edict, ordinance, canon, procedure, law, mandate, order, decree, directive, precept, balancing, synchronization, ruling, management, dictate, requirement, fiat, by-law, adjustment, proclamation, injunction, command


Meanings of O:
  1. The fifteenth letter of the alphabet

  2. Zero (in numerical order, especially when speaking)

  3. Form a capital A circle.

  4. Ocean

  5. One liter (in the recipe).

  6. Eighth.

  7. October

  8. Ohio

  9. Old

  10. Ontario

  11. Oregon

  12. The chemical element of oxygen.

  13. The second spell of oh

  14. It is used directly in the speech before the name, as in sentences and poems.

Sentences of O
  1. For capital O, always start with C and be close.

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