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Regulation DD,

Regulation DD: What is the Meaning of Regulation DD?

  1. DD regulatory Federal Reserve directive. The DD Regulation was enacted in 1991 to enact the Torch in Savings Act (TISA). The law requires lenders to provide some uniform interest rate and interest information when opening an account for consumers.

    • The DD Regulation is a Federal Reserve directive that came into force in 1991 to enact the Trust in Savings Act.
    • It is designed to help users make more informed decisions about these accounts.
    • Banks and other financial institutions are required to provide customers with information on account opening procedures and interest rates.
    • Many changes have been made to ensure the consistency of the information provided to users and to be disclosed through automated systems.

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Meanings of Regulation:
  1. Rules or instructions that are stated and maintained by the administration.

  2. The act or process of organizing or governing.

Sentences of Regulation
  1. City decree

  2. Financial market regulation

Synonyms of Regulation

statute, decree, ruling, dictate, guideline, directive, tuning, dictum, setting, adjustment, management, act, balancing, control, order, edict, rule, fiat, prescription, ordinance, precept, procedure, injunction, pronouncement, by-law


Meanings of DD:
  1. Designated driver.

  2. Disgraceful dismissal.

  3. Dr. Theology.

  4. Ministry of Defense (in forms and documents)

  5. Daman and Deo.

  6. A girl (mostly used in online forums)