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Regulation CC,

What is The Meaning of Regulation CC?

  1. Meaning of Regulation CC: The CC Regulation is one of the banking regulations established by the Federal Reserve. The CC Rules and Regulations comply with the Accelerated Resources Availability Act of 1987. The Act sets certain standards for the verification of checks paid by banks and other supervisors.

    • The CC's regulations comply with the Accelerated Funds Availability Act of 1987, which sets the standard for the verification of checks paid by banks.
    • According to the CC Regulation, financial institutions have to notify account holders when financial reserves can be accumulated.
    • CC rules and regulations indicate the long-term retention period that customers feel after depositing a check in the bank, including the maximum retention period.
    • The spirit of the Check Clearing Act, enacted by the 21st Century CC Rules, allows the collection of checks between banks in the United States.

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Meanings of Regulation:
  1. Rules or policies developed by government agencies.

  2. Regulatory or regulatory act or process.

Sentences of Regulation
  1. City regulations

  2. Financial market regulation

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adjustment, act, setting, requirement, proclamation, management, mandate, statute, synchronization, canon, decree, ordinance, by-law, pronouncement, procedure, dictum, edict, dictate, modulation, fiat


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