Regulation 114 Trust

Regulation 114 Trust,

Regulation 114 Trust Definition:

The term refers to the New York State Department of Insurance Ordinance 114, which sets out the standards for the use of insurance trust funds. In the case of captives, there is a crowning agreement between the captive, the company and the bank. The bank acts as a fund manager. Prisoners deposit money and / or legal guarantees in trust. As a trust company, the referred company must approve the assets of the trust. The fraudulent company may, at any time, demand assets from the trust to meet the obligations of the captive under the insurance contract. Assets are delivered in the form of bonds which are converted into cash by the forwarding company. Rule 114 of trust can be used to protect against the risk of loss and margin or with a linear credit.

Regulation 114 Trust refers to A trust fund established in New York State to regulate future damages in the format prescribed by Rule 114.

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