Regular Soap In He Washer

Regular Soap In He Washer

What if I accidentally put regular soap in the HE washing machine? 3

first time .

This is fine if you only do it once. However, the reason you use HE detergent is that the front loader makes you more focused and efficient and you don't get all the foam etc. I did this once when I accidentally bought the wrong soap. The washing machine is fine, but I won't make a hat out of it.

Iron clothes without soap to make sure all soap is removed.

HE laundry detergent is a marketing ploy. Use only one-fourth to one-third of what fits in the top feeder. They use less water, so they are called high performance washers. This is basic physics. You need to run the clothes through the soapy water solution. As the HE washing machine rotates the laundry in the water, do not put too much laundry. Front loaders have been around for a long time despite being sold to the public. I have heard that they have been using it in Europe for 30 years. Front loaders are always used in commercial laundries. Most laundry mats have multiple front loaders.

Anything, except not much, can make my foam blocks. The difference between this detergent and regular detergent is that it contains anti-foaming agent to reduce foaming. 4 cups were suggested for the highest load.

You get more foam than usual.

If it had happened for the first and last time, nothing would have happened. laugh out loud

Regular Soap In He Washer