Regular Program Community

Regular Program Community,

What Does Regular Program Community Mean?

  • Regular Program Community means, Municipalities where flood insurance rate schedule is correct and full coverage limits are available as per Flood Protection Act (BDSG or law) see flood insurance questions.

Literal Meanings of Regular Program Community


Meanings of Regular:
  1. Regular customer or member, such as bar, shop or staff.

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  7. (Icon) which has all sides and angles

Sentences of Regular
  1. Attract customers who are richer than your regular customers

  2. Flag from time to time

  3. Regular monthly checks

  4. Policies follow your proxies through regular channels

  5. I can't see my regular hairdresser.

  6. Common verb

  7. Regular polygon

Synonyms of Regular

orderly, approved, constant, typical, bona fide, shopper, formal, established, stated, consistent, well planned, customary, common, unvarying, proper, smooth-running, traditional, buyer, methodical, even, classic, businesslike, fixed, accustomed, orthodox, systematic, time-honoured, well organized


Meanings of Program:
  1. Provides coded instructions to perform tasks automatically (computer or other machine).

  2. Set yourself on a plan or schedule.

  3. Dissemination (an article)

  4. A series of actions or activities related to a specific long-term goal.

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  7. Sheets or brochures detailing items or artists at a program or concert.

Sentences of Program
  1. It's easy to program a computer to recognize symbols

  2. Very few modern day station programs

  3. Extensive renovation program

  4. Therefore, computing power is increasingly determined by software that compiles computer programs into machine code.

Synonyms of Program

list of players, project, series of measures, initiative, production, simulcast, arrange, transmission, guide, performance, strategy, program, presentation, telecast, map out, line up, plan, plan of action, prearrange, use, software, scheme, routine, timetable, list of performers, broadcast


Meanings of Community:
  1. A group of people who live in the same place or share some features.

  2. A sense of connection with others, the result of sharing the same attitudes, interests and goals.

  3. A group of interdependent organisms of different species that grow or coexist in a given habitat.

Sentences of Community
  1. The scientific community

  2. A sense of community that organized religion can provide

  3. A group of unsafe animals

Synonyms of Community

faction, coterie, band, clique, circle, body, group, company, ring, section, set