Regular Premium

Regular Premium,

What is The Definition of Regular Premium?

  • Bonuses are paid at a set time, for example, once a month or once a year.

Literal Meanings of Regular Premium


Meanings of Regular:
  1. Organizes or forms a permanent or specific pattern, especially with equal spacing between each pattern.

  2. This is repeated from time to time.

  3. Meet or comply with recognized standards of procedure or convention.

  4. Permanently used, manufactured or manufactured.

  5. (One word) after normal inflation pattern.

  6. (Icon) where all sides and all angles are equal.

  7. Regular customers or members, such as bars, stores or staff.

Sentences of Regular
  1. Put up flags from time to time

  2. Regular monthly review

  3. Guidelines through their representatives through regular channels

  4. I can't see my regular hairdresser

  5. Regular verb

  6. Regular polygons

  7. Attracting richer consumers than usual

Synonyms of Regular

established, methodical, official, usual, well regulated, formal, purchaser, proper, disciplined, time-honoured, smooth-running, normal, orthodox, uniform, routine, consumer, structured, planned, wonted, systematic, typical, well ordered, common


Meanings of Premium:
  1. Something that is given as a gift, gift or incentive.

Sentences of Premium
  1. If the calculations are correct, the income of a pensionable worker includes the premiums that must be paid to the insurance company in addition to his salary to get equal rights.

Synonyms of Premium

extra amount, perk, regular payment, insurance payment, instalment, prize, surcharge, additional payment, insurance charge, remuneration, recompense, percentage, bonus, extra charge, additional fee, extra, reward