Regular Initial Minimum

Regular Initial Minimum,

Regular Initial Minimum: What is the Meaning of Regular Initial Minimum?

Regular Initial Minimum refers to A minimum amount is required to open a regular account in a given mutual fund.

Literal Meanings of Regular Initial Minimum


Meanings of Regular:
  1. Regular customer or member, such as bar, shop or staff.

  2. Organized or formed a permanent or specific pattern, especially with equal spacing between individual patterns.

  3. Repeat regularly.

  4. Conforms to or conforms to recognized standards or procedures.

  5. Used, used or created.

  6. (One word) according to common fold pattern.

  7. (Picture) which all have the same direction and angles.

Sentences of Regular
  1. Attract customers who are richer than your regular customers

  2. Flag from time to time

  3. Regular monthly checks

  4. Policies follow your proxies through regular channels

  5. I can't meet with my regular hairdresser.

  6. Common verb

  7. Regular polygon

Synonyms of Regular

planned, meticulous, conventional, stated, consistent, systematic, well regulated, methodical, unvarying, accustomed, uniform, proper, unchanging, tried and trusted, punctilious, customary, standard, tried and tested, streamlined, shopper, time-honoured, well planned, customer, common, structured, constant, usual, orthodox


Meanings of Initial:
  1. Mark or sign your own initials (document) to verify or validate.

  2. The first letter of a name or word, usually the name of a person or word that is part of a sentence.

  3. Appearing or being present at the beginning.

Sentences of Initial
  1. This person signed three terms

  2. Their earliest paintings are inscribed on tree trunks.

  3. Our first impression is positive

Synonyms of Initial

initial letter, beginning letter, fledgling, beginning, put one's mark on, witness, commencing, inceptive, endorse, inscribe, embryonic, opening, autograph, starting, put one's initials on, sign, superscribe, countersign


Meanings of Minimum:
  1. The smallest or smallest quantity or possible quantity, attainable or necessary.

  2. The smallest or least.

Sentences of Minimum
  1. Passport was verified with minimal effort

  2. This can be done with very little effort

Synonyms of Minimum

lowest level, nadir, least, base, lower limit, bottom level, rock-bottom, depth, lowest, smallest, littlest, least possible, rock bottom, bottom, slightest, minimal, minutest