Definition of Regressive:

  1. The predisposition that something will revert back to a previous lower state. The citys poverty level became very regressive after several crime groups moved into the neighborhood..

  2. Becoming less advanced; returning to a former or less developed state.

  3. (of a tax) taking a proportionally greater amount from those on lower incomes.

  4. Proceeding from effect to cause or from particular to universal.

Synonyms of Regressive

Apostate, Ascending, Atavistic, Axial, Back, Back-flowing, Backsliding, Backward, Coming apart, Cracking, Crumbling, Decadent, Declining, Degenerate, Descending, Deteriorating, Disintegrating, Down-trending, Downward, Draining, Drifting, Drooping, Dwindling, Ebbing, Effete, Fading, Failing, Falling, Flagging, Flowing, Fluent, Flying, Fragmenting, Going, Going to pieces, Gyrational, Gyratory, Languishing, Lapsing, Marcescent, Mounting, Passing, Pining, Plunging, Progressive, Reactionary, Recessive, Recidivist, Recidivous, Recrudescent, Reflowing, Refluent, Relapsing, Retroactive, Retrocessive, Retrograde, Retrogressive, Retrorse, Retroverse, Returnable, Reversible, Reversional, Reversionary, Revertible, Revulsionary, Rising, Rotary, Rotational, Rotatory, Running, Rushing, Shriveling, Sideward, Sinking, Sliding, Slipping, Slumping, Soaring, Streaming, Subsiding, Tabetic, Up-trending, Upward, Waning, Wasting, Wilting, Withering, Worsening, Retrograde, Retrogressive, Regressive, Unprogressive, For the worse, In the wrong direction, Downhill, Negative

How to use Regressive in a sentence?

  1. Indirect taxes are, as a group, regressive.
  2. The regressive, infantile wish for the perfect parent of early childhood.

Meaning of Regressive & Regressive Definition