Regression analysis (RA)

Regression analysis (RA),

Definition of Regression analysis (RA):

  1. A statistical approach to predicting the growth of dependency variables (e.g. sales) is based on the development of one or more independent variables (e.g., population and revenue). Also known as curve fit or line fit, the regression analysis equation can be used to fit a line on a curve or a data point to reduce the difference in distance from the data point. Data points for curves or lines. However, the relationships described in the regression analysis are only harmonious, and any conclusions about cause and effect are purely subjective. Also known as regression method or technique.

How to use Regression analysis (RA) in a sentence?

  1. Be sure to review your regression analysis can help you identify where your company needs to focus.
  2. With recent changes in customer statistics, financial analysts have come to realize that they need regression analysis before accurately predicting significant sales changes.
  3. The regression analysis method can help you detect and correct small leaks in your company as they get older.

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