Regras Banco Imobiliario

Regras Banco Imobiliario

He has this sword as the rule of the Amulerio Bank of Luxury, as per the rules of the game, as the distribution of money.

Sorry, but no, oh! Fly!


32 Plastic House

12 plastic tables

28 Real Estate

30 Wagons • ES variants / REVƒ S

6 Rome

2 dice

380 notes

1 board


Become or become the richest player by buying, selling or selling real estate.

Players: We can play 2 to 6 people who choose the color of their tops and you are at the starting point. This is followed by Luck and End Setback letters, pointing to the center of the board.

Each player must receive: 8 $ 1 bill, $ 5 $ 10, $ 10 $ 10, $ 10 $ 10, $ 100 $ 100, and $ 2 بل 500 bills.

All other funds go to the bank; it is recommended that an amount be paid along with the bond

The man runs a bit like Bancroft, but he's slapped by the game, I have to be careful.

Don't mix your notes and property like banks.

Start of the game: The first player rolls the dice and advance according to the number of rolling points

Attacked from space at the top left of you. You can pause multiple sections at once in one place.

Decrease in the number of properties or companies purchasing from the bunker, whether they pay the indicated price or not.

After the signal, the two locations arrive permanently, pay taxes, receive a profit, pull the cart or pull different or REV کھS and so on, place a return or place the cart through it.

Faith has been poured out from the boss of Baral from where.

Pair (2 and 2, 3 and 3 etc.). Or the player you get a new release is a double silk fine

Same, but a third pair joins to win the prize.

Jail: If the net player does not go to PRISON or plays 3 pairs in a row, it is given your name. Walk

pi they sets o for takeà por If they fail to take in the first or regular sets they are considered visitors and if checked they can continue to play normally or simultaneously.

The next time you pair up, the jail players can get one of their 3. If you don't get $ 4, pay pay 50 U Bankero and continue the points we give you. Very

Food for providing food if you have a free prisoner card or free card.

Norieros: Whenever a player reaches the starting point or through it, he will receive it

Banker O 200 as NOARIOS

Country by country or company: I know the players to reach that country or company

According to the given Olu Permanent, each owner won an equal or equal fee.

If I donate land or property, I will find out before rolling, if not

You won't have it, but that's fine.

Blood; IT: Once athletes have all the property groups of the same body, their strength is created.

Building a house pays the banker the price mentioned in our title.

You can build 4 houses on each plot and I have built 4 houses, you cannot build a plot of the same land

Level for telephone.

The player cannot place 3 squares on one hat and no one color group on another. School

In each possession of the same cork group before and after the silk

My brain is forced to buy over the telephone.

Trade and sales between two players

No deal with the house or phone number or the landlord will sell it or the bank at half price,

Selling or later landing.

Some players buy a frozen land or land to keep, and it's found.

Paying more than the amount gives credit, but 20% is equal to this interest bond.

Hiccups: Land without construction; if you have a house or if necessary, before selling to the bank

For half the price) and companies can go through anyone. This determination

time period.

Payment: Payment must always be in cash. If the player does not have money

In order to compensate the bank or the player, you must comply with the negotiation order: the house.

Half twenty-three leads.

Note: Unless there is a game, no player can pay or score any more money.

طاف۔ Game RAM: The game ends when only one player is left (the rest go bankrupt).

Regras Banco Imobiliario