Definition of Registry:

  1. Government agency that keeps a public register of certain items of information such as company records and land titles.

Synonyms of Registry

Account, Account book, Accounts payable ledger, Accounts receivable ledger, Active list, Adversaria, Aide-memoire, Annals, Annotation, Archives, Balance sheet, Bank ledger, Bankbook, Blacklist, Booking, Books, Card ledger, Cashbook, Catalog, Cataloging, Chancery, Check sheet, Checklist, Chronicle, Chronicling, Chronology, Civil list, Clock card, Correspondence, Cost card, Cost ledger, Cost sheet, Date slip, Datebook, Daybook, Diary, Docket, Documentation, Enlistment, Enrollment, Entering, Entry, Enumeration, Factory ledger, Files, Filing, Footnote, History, Impanelment, Indexing, Inscribing, Inscription, Insertion, Inventory, Inventorying, Item, Itemization, Items, Jotting, Journal, Ledger, Letters, List, Listing, Log, Logbook, Logging, Marginal note, Marginalia, Matriculation, Memo, Memoir, Memorandum, Memorial, Minutes, Notation, Note, Passbook, Pipe roll, Posting, Purchase ledger, Record, Record book, Record keeping, Recordation, Recording, Register, Register office, Registration, Relic, Remains, Reminder, Repertory, Retired list, Roll, Rolls, Roster, Rota, Sales journal, Sales ledger, Schedule, Scholia, Scholium, Scroll, Sick list, Stock ledger, Stores ledger, Suspense ledger, Table, Tabulation, Tally, Tally sheet, Time book, Time chart, Time scale, Time schedule, Time sheet, Time study, Timecard, Timetable, Token, Trace, Vestige

Meaning of Registry & Registry Definition