Registered Trademark

Registered Trademark,

How To Define Registered Trademark?

  1. Registered Trademark refers to Symbols, names, etc. A different product and company is registered and legally safe so no one can use it legally.

Literal Meanings of Registered Trademark


Meanings of Registered:
  1. Registered in the official registry or directory.


Meanings of Trademark:
  1. Mark or register as a trademark.

  2. Symbols, words or phrases that are registered by law or are used to represent a company or product.

Sentences of Trademark
  1. You ask the government to register your company

  2. The author lists four main types of intellectual property: trademarks, copyrights, patents and trade secrets.

Synonyms of Trademark

shield, colophon, symbol, stamp, device, crest, figure, logo, emblem, badge, insignia, motif, sign, coat of arms, seal, monogram, logotype, hallmark, mark