Registered security

Registered security,

Definition of Registered security:

  1. Registered securities can be the name given to securities whereby ownership is registered with the issuing company or their agent. This is in contrast to bearer securities. Bearer securities are deemed to be owned by whoever holds the certificate. There is not a ledger kept with the owners of the securities. With registered securities, a ledger is kept by the issuing company or agent which records the owners of all the securities. Transfer of ownership can only occur when names are changed in the ledger.

  2. A registered security is either a security whose owner is kept on file with the issuer or a security whose transfer is restricted.

  3. Security registered with the regulatory agency (such as Securities And Exchange Commission of the US) for sale as a new issue or secondary offering. See also listed security.

  4. Security (such as a registered bond) whose owners name is registered with the issuer and does not have to present any coupon to receive interest payments. Most securities are issued in registered form which are transferable only through endorsement. Also called fully registered security.

Meaning of Registered security & Registered security Definition

Registered Security,

Definition of Registered Security:

  1. A registered (or registered) title is a title whose owner's name is included in the entry by the publisher and the registered owner is the person who has all the relevant rights.

Literal Meanings of Registered Security


Meanings of Registered:
  1. Registered in the official registry or directory.


Meanings of Security:
  1. Danger or danger-free state.

  2. Goods that are maintained or are committed to fulfilling obligations or strengthening loans, which are issued in default.

  3. A certificate that proves the credibility, ownership of bonds, ownership or ownership of the dialogue derivative.

  4. Private police are monitoring buildings, campuses, parks, etc.

Sentences of Security
  1. This system provides maximum protection against toxic emissions

  2. This price is used as a price collateral until the claims are closed.

  3. The new rules also make donations of mutual funds, stocks, bonds and other securities more attractive.

  4. Police, private security guards and volunteers are in large numbers to investigate the untoward incident.

Synonyms of Security

surety, security, investments, provision, shelter, holdings, collateral, cover, shares, precaution, equities, bond, prophylactic, screen, defence, pledge, preventive, insurance, guarantee, protection, safety measure, buffer, securities, bonds, indemnity, guard