Definition of Regional:

  1. An athletic contest involving competitors from a particular region.

  2. Relating to or characteristic of a region.

  3. Pertaining to a small geographical area. He liked to listen to the regional news to get an idea of what events were happening in his hometown..

Synonyms of Regional

Areal, Cartographic, Chorographic, Dialect, Dialectal, Geodetic, Geographic, Geographical, Idiomatic, Local, Locational, Navigational, Positional, Provincial, Sectional, Situal, Situational, Territorial, Topographic, Zonal, Geographical, Topographical, Zonal, Territorial, Topical

How to use Regional in a sentence?

  1. Regional and local needs.
  2. The regional instability in the middle east made it a sub optimal location for our warehouse so we decided to just pay higher shipping.
  3. The opening game of the Little League Senior Division Softball Eastern Regionals.
  4. The regional instability in the middle east made it a sub optimal location for our warehouse so we decided to just pay higher shipping.
  5. We won the soccer game today, which meant that we would now play in the regional tournament against better opponents.

Meaning of Regional & Regional Definition

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