Regional Boutique Bank

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Regional Boutique Bank:

  1. Regional Boutique Bank is the first and smallest Investment bank. It work on small-scale respective to its size and capacity. Its services are also limited to regional mediums.
  2. The investment banks that provide only Mergers and Acquisitions services within the specific region of its operating country. They have no offices or headquarter worldwide.
  3. The Investment banks mainly dealing a smaller area of a region; which is purely dedicated to its limited services. Primarily, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As).
  4. The Regional Boutique banks are the local banks that work on a small-scale for a specific industry or region.


The Regional Boutique Bank is the smallest investment bank. There are plenty of services that investment banks usually offer. However, Regional Boutique banks only provide one or two services among them, mainly mergers and acquisitions.
The number of their offices are very few, between 5 to 15 and that so within a specific area or region.
For example, XYZ regional boutique bank makes mergers and acquisition happen within oil and gas industry.
These banks chooses a particular region and industry where they help funding the needful firms. Everything is done at small scale.
These banks have no global presence, neither are they very popular in all cities of a country. They keep their services limited to a certain area or city. They’ve fewer employees that work in the local offices and expand clients businesses through raising capital for them. The Regional Boutique banks make M&As deals around $50 million to $100 million or less.


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