Definition of Region:

  1. Where people work, live or participate in recreational activities.

Synonyms of Region

Locality, District, Site, Magistracy, Metropolitan area, Lieu, Electoral district, The country, Division, Domain, Sheriffwick, Dirt, Archbishopric, Bishopric, Pinpoint, Point, Mold, Crust, Archdiocese, Locus, Field, Ground, Place, Department, Locale, Subaerial deposit, Abode, Soke, Diocese, Congressional district, Location, Alluvion, Neighborhood, Clod, Zone, Real estate, Canton, Commune, Lithosphere, Metropolis, Oblast, Hole, Spot, Subsoil, Tract, Okrug, Acres, Position, Principality, Township, City, Dominion, Topsoil, Pale, Town, Woodland, Arable land, Ambit, Departement, Riding, Sector, State, Government, Glebe, Ward, Hundred, Landholdings, Terra, Kreis, Province, Demesne, Shrievalty, Duchy, Section, Regolith, Clay, Shire, Jurisdiction, Bearings, Constablewick, Land, Bailiwick, Whereabouts, Quarter, Terrain, Arrondissement, Borough, Freehold, Dry land, Situs, Area, Situation, Vicinity, Grassland, Terra firma, Marl, Real property, Sheriffalty, Walk, Marginal land, Sphere, County, Belt, Stead, Placement, Whereabout, Dust, Soil, Emplacement, Earth, Latitude and longitude, Sod, Precinct, Electorate, Parish, Stake, Alluvium, Village, Wapentake, Hamlet, Territory, Bench mark, Part

Meaning of Region & Region Definition

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