Definition of Refutation:

  1. Demonstration or establishment of the falsity of an argument by a rebuttal.

Synonyms of Refutation

Abjuration, Abjurement, Abrogation, Absolute contradiction, Annulment, Answer, Argument, Argumentum, Case, Complete answer, Confounding, Confutation, Cons, Consideration, Contradiction, Contraremonstrance, Contrary assertion, Contravention, Controversion, Counteraccusation, Counterblast, Countercharge, Counterclaim, Countering, Counterreply, Counterstatement, Crossing, Defense, Demolition, Demurrer, Denial, Disaffirmation, Disallowance, Disavowal, Disclaimer, Disclamation, Discrediting, Disownment, Disproof, Effective rejoinder, Elenchus, Exception, Forswearing, Gainsaying, Ignoratio elenchi, Impugnment, Nullification, Objection, Overthrow, Overthrowal, Plaidoyer, Plea, Pleading, Pleadings, Pros, Pros and cons, Reason, Rebuttal, Rebutter, Recantation, Refutal, Rejoinder, Renunciation, Replication, Reply, Repudiation, Response, Retractation, Retraction, Revocation, Riposte, Special demurrer, Special pleading, Squelch, Statement of defense, Subversion, Surrebuttal, Surrebutter, Surrejoinder, Talking point, Undermining, Upset, Upsetting

Meaning of Refutation & Refutation Definition