What is Refunded?

  1. Refunds means that anything you pay for a product or service will be refunded to you.

Meanings of Refunded

  1. Refunds (cash), usually to customers who are not satisfied with the goods or services purchased.

  2. Refund

Sentences of Refunded

  1. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we guarantee a full refund.

  2. You can submit tax returns

Synonyms of Refunded

pay back, reimbursement, restore, repay, return, restitution, give back, repayment, reparation


What is The Definition of Refunded?

  • A transfer means that some or all of the money you paid for the goods or services will be refunded to you.

Synonyms of Refunded

make restitution/amends to, compensate, square accounts with, remunerate, settle up with, recompense, replace, make good, indemnify, recoup