Definition of Refractory:

  1. A substance that is resistant to heat.

  2. Resistant to a process or stimulus.

  3. Material that can withstand very high temperatures 3000°C or more without degrading or softening. Refractory materials include certain ceramics and superalloys, and are used in heat insulation of furnaces, jet and rocket engines, and parts of space vehicles such as the shuttle.

  4. Stubborn or unmanageable.

Synonyms of Refractory

Adversary, Adversative, Adverse, Alien, Antagonistic, Anti, Antipathetic, Antithetic, At odds, Averse, Beyond control, Breachy, Bullheaded, China, Clashing, Clay, Competitive, Complaining, Con, Conflicting, Contradictory, Contrary, Contumacious, Counter, Cross, Cursory, Defiant, Deviant, Differing, Disaccordant, Disagreeing, Disinclined, Disobedient, Disputatious, Disputing, Dissentient, Dissenting, Dissident, Enamel, Enemy, Forced, Fractious, Headstrong, Hostile, Impatient of control, Incorrigible, Indisposed, Indocile, Indomitable, Inimical, Insuppressible, Intractable, Involuntary, Irrepressible, Mulish, Mutinous, Negative, Nonconformable, Nonconforming, Noncooperative, Nonobservant, Objecting, Obstinate, Obstreperous, Obstructive, On the barricades, Opponent, Opposed, Opposing, Opposite, Oppositional, Oppositive, Oppugnant, Ornery, Out of hand, Overthwart, Perfunctory, Perverse, Porcelain, Proof against, Protesting, Rebellious, Recalcitrant, Recusant, Reluctant, Renitent, Repellent, Repugnant, Resistant, Resisting, Resistive, Restive, Retardant, Retardative, Rival, Self-willed, Shrewish, Stiff-necked, Stubborn, Sulky, Sullen, Unadaptable, Unadjustable, Unbiddable, Uncompliant, Unconforming, Unconsenting, Uncontrollable, Uncooperative, Unfavorable, Unfriendly, Ungovernable, Unmalleable, Unmanageable, Unmoldable, Unpropitious, Unruly, Unsubmissive, Unwilling, Unyielding, Up in arms, Wild, Withstanding, Obstinate, Stubborn, Stubborn as a mule, Mulish, Bull-headed, Pig-headed, Obdurate, Headstrong, Self-willed, Wayward, Wilful, Perverse, Contrary, Recalcitrant, Obstreperous, Disobedient, Insubordinate, Rebellious, Mutinous, Defiant, Stiff-necked, Intractable, Intransigent, Unyielding, Unmalleable, Unmanageable, Ungovernable, Unpersuadable

How to use Refractory in a sentence?

  1. Some granules are refractory to secretory stimuli.
  2. The company specialized in making many refractory materials that could be used for making sculptures for arts and crafts stores.
  3. All three minerals alter to shimmer aggregates of sericite; all three are used in the preparation of refractories.
  4. Some industrial complexes use refractory to make things and people need to be very careful working in those dangerous areas.
  5. In a industrial complex it is good to build certain areas with materials that can handle refractory so that they wont break down.
  6. His refractory pony.

Meaning of Refractory & Refractory Definition