What is The Meaning of Reformed?

  • The definition of Reformed is: Retirement is an insurance term for policies that are rewritten to correct factual errors or to resolve disputes between the insurance company and the policyholder. These reviews are usually arranged by the court after the trial.

Meanings of Reformed

  1. Modified for better.


Reformed means,

  • You can define Reformed as, Retirement is the term insurance for a policy that is rewritten to correct a factual error or to resolve a dispute between the insurer and the policyholder. This detail is ordered by the court, usually after the trial.

Meanings of Reformed

  1. Change to improve

  2. Make changes to something (especially an organization or practice) to improve it.

  3. Hydrocarbons undergo a catalytic process that converts straight chain molecules into branched shapes for use as gasoline.

Sentences of Reformed

  1. Improved corporate tax system

  2. The plan will reform the tax system.

Synonyms of Reformed

vary, reconstruct, redesign, alter, revolutionize, remake, tailor, remodel, reorientate, rebuild, adapt, correct, refine, rework, redo, make better, improve, convert, customize, transform