Definition of Refitting:

  1. A restoration or repair of machinery, equipment, or fittings.

  2. Converting or retooling a facility or plant to handle a different product and/or process.

  3. Replace or repair machinery, equipment, and fittings in (a ship, building, etc.).

  4. Refurbishing. See also backfitting.

Synonyms of Refitting

Renovation, Redecoration, Refurbishment, Revamp, Revamping, Makeover, Rehabilitation, Reconditioning, Overhauling, Modernization, Restoration, Repair, Redevelopment, Rebuilding, Reconstruction, Remodelling, Updating, Improvement, Renovate, Redecorate, Refurbish, Recondition, Rehabilitate, Rebuild, Reconstruct, Overhaul, Make over

How to use Refitting in a sentence?

  1. A lucrative contract to refit a submarine fleet.
  2. The minesweeper is back in action following an extensive refit.

Meaning of Refitting & Refitting Definition