Definition of Referral:

  1. A recommendation by the insureds primary care physician that the insured see another doctor, often a specialist.

  2. An act of referring someone or something for consultation, review, or further action.

Synonyms of Referral

Referral, Passing on, Transfer, Redirection

How to use Referral in a sentence?

  1. Peters and Wade reviewed 2038 referrals to the Auckland Court Liaison Service over a two year period.

Meaning of Referral & Referral Definition


What is Referral?

  1. Referral definition is: The process by which patients are empowered by their family doctor to consult a specialist to diagnose or treat certain medical conditions under authorized health insurance.

Meanings of Referral

  1. The process of rejecting someone or something for later consultation, review or action.

Sentences of Referral

  1. Peters and Wade reviewed 2,038 references to the Auckland Licensing Service in two years.