Definition of Referendum:

  1. Ballot by which people directly decide between (usually two) alternatives on a major issue, such as whether or not to join a particular community of nations.

  2. A general vote by the electorate on a single political question which has been referred to them for a direct decision.

Synonyms of Referendum

Public vote, Plebiscite, Popular vote, Ballot, Poll, Australian ballot, Hare system, Aye, Ballot, By-election, Canvass, Canvassing, Casting vote, Caucus, Closed primary, Congressional election, Constitutional referendum, Contested election, Counting heads, Cumulative voting, Deciding vote, Direct initiative, Direct primary, Division, Election, Enfranchisement, Facultative referendum, Fagot vote, Franchise, General election, Graveyard vote, Hand vote, Indirect initiative, Initiative, List system, Mandate, Mandatory primary, Mandatory referendum, Nay, No, Nonpartisan primary, Nontransferable vote, Open primary, Optional primary, Partisan election, Plebiscite, Plebiscitum, Plumper, Plural vote, Poll, Polling, Preference primary, Preferential voting, Presidential election, Presidential preference primary, Presidential primary, Primary, Primary election, Proportional representation, Proxy, Recall, Record vote, Representation, Right to vote, Rising vote, Runoff, Runoff election, Runoff primary, Say, Secret ballot, Show of hands, Single vote, Snap vote, Statutory referendum, Straw vote, Suffrage, Transferable vote, Viva voce, Voice, Voice vote, Vote, Voting, Voting right, Write-in, Write-in vote, Yea, Yeas and nays, Yes

How to use Referendum in a sentence?

  1. The union brought the issue to a referendum vote, and increased vacation time defeated increased dental benefits by a slim margin.
  2. The polls were open for people to vote on the latest referendum on whether to raise taxes to support building a new sports stadium.
  3. After the teachers nominated two students for prom king, the students were given a referendum so they could choose which should take the title.
  4. He could also claim a legitimacy built on a succession of victories in irreproachably clean popular votes in referendums and multi-party elections.

Meaning of Referendum & Referendum Definition