Reference: What is the Meaning of Reference?

  • Reference means: A letter / statement written about a person who knows them, describes their skills, character, abilities, etc. And sent to potential employers.

Meanings of Reference

  1. The act of mentioning or insulting something.

  2. Use information sources to check things out.

  3. Previous employer's letter confirming a person's qualifications or credentials and used when applying for a new job.

  4. Provide a quote (book or article) from a source of information.

  5. Mention or join.

Sentences of Reference

  1. Refers to the extraordinary power of the media

  2. Popular reference books

  3. I was kicked out of the library, but with good references

Synonyms of Reference

mention of, allusion to, comment on, remark about, testimonial, character reference, recommendation, good word, backing

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Definition of Reference:

Meaning of Reference: A letter / statement written to a person who knows about a person who knows him in detail about the condition, character, qualifications, etc. of the bed, is sent to the potential employer.

Meanings of Reference

  1. A letter from a former employer that proves a person's skills or credentials when applying for a new job.

  2. (Books or articles) provide references from sources of information.

Sentences of Reference

  1. Each chapter is cited with reference to literature up to 1990.

  2. The media cited our association in about 40 association articles.

Synonyms of Reference

credentials, instance of, citation of


Reference Meanings:

  • A letter / statement written by a person who knows the details of the bed condition, character, qualifications, etc., is sent to the potential employer.

Meanings of Reference

  1. The act of mentioning or hurting something.

  2. Use informational resources to check things out.

  3. (Books or articles) provide quotes from sources of information.

  4. Mention or cite

Sentences of Reference

  1. The media cited our association in about 40 articles.