Definition of Reengineering:

  1. Systematic starting over and reinventing the way a firm, or a business process, gets its work done. Defined by Michael Hammer and James Champy (in their 1993 book Reengineering The Corporation) as Fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of business process to achieve dramatic improvements in critical measures of performance such as cost, service, and speed. See also Business Process Reengineering.

How to use Reengineering in a sentence?

  1. Because of the changes in the economy the small company called in a consulting firm to help them in the reengineering of their 5 year plan.
  2. We were pretty productive before, but hiring MacGyver to do our corporate reengineering has paid dividends beyond our wildest imaginings.
  3. We were in a reengineering process and had to tackle everything with great care and dedication, or we would fall.

Meaning of Reengineering & Reengineering Definition