Definition of Redundant:

  1. Not or no longer needed or useful; superfluous.

  2. That which exceeds what is ordinarily necessary or natural.

Synonyms of Redundant

Abundant, Battological, Circumlocutory, Copious, De trop, Diffuse, Diffusive, Dispensable, Duplicative, Echoic, Echoing, Effusive, Excess, Excessive, Expendable, Expletive, Extra, Extravagant, Exuberant, Fecund, Formless, Gratuitous, Gushing, Gushy, Imitative, In excess, Inessential, Iterative, Long-winded, Needless, Nonessential, Overflowing, Parrotlike, Pleonastic, Prodigal, Productive, Profuse, Profusive, Prolific, Prolix, Recapitulative, Reduplicative, Reechoing, Reiterant, Reiterative, Repeating, Repetitional, Repetitionary, Repetitious, Repetitive, Roundabout, Spare, Superabundant, Supererogatory, Superfluous, Supernumerary, Surplus, Tautologic, Tautological, Tautologous, Teeming, To spare, Uncalled-for, Unessential, Unnecessary, Unneeded, Unwanted, Verbose, Windy, Wordy, Unnecessary, Not required, Inessential, Unessential, Needless, Unneeded, Uncalled for, Dispensable, Disposable, Expendable, Unwanted, Useless

How to use Redundant in a sentence?

  1. Many of the old skills had become redundant.

Meaning of Redundant & Redundant Definition