Definition of Redundancy:

  1. The state of being not or no longer needed or useful.

  2. Provision or existence of more than one means or resources to perform an activity or function.

  3. Repetition of parts or subsystems (or whole systems) to provide a backup in case of primary-system failure.

  4. Elimination of jobs or job categories caused by downsizing, rightsizing, or outsourcing.

Synonyms of Redundancy

EDP, Abundance, Amplitude, Avalanche, Battology, Bedizenment, Bit, Channel, Circumambages, Circumbendibus, Circumlocution, Cloud of words, Communication explosion, Communication theory, Copiousness, Data retrieval, Data storage, Decoding, Deluge, Diffuseness, Diffusion, Diffusiveness, Duplication, Duplication of effort, Effusion, Effusiveness, Electronic data processing, Embarras de richesses, Embellishment, Encoding, Enough, Entropy, Excess, Expletive, Extravagance, Extravagancy, Exuberance, Fat, Featherbedding, Fecundity, Fertility, Filling, Flatulence, Flood, Fluency, Formlessness, Frill, Frills, Frippery, Gingerbread, Gush, Gushing, Inflatedness, Inflation, Information explosion, Information theory, Inundation, Landslide, Lavishness, Logorrhea, Luxury, Macrology, Money to burn, More than enough, Needlessness, Noise, Ornamentation, Outpour, Overabundance, Overaccumulation, Overadornment, Overage, Overbounteousness, Overcopiousness, Overdose, Overflow, Overlap, Overlavishness, Overluxuriance, Overmeasure, Overmuchness, Overnumerousness, Overplentifulness, Overplenty, Overplus, Overpopulation, Overprofusion, Oversufficiency, Oversupply, Padding, Palilogy, Payroll padding, Periphrase, Periphrasis, Plenty, Pleonasm, Plethora, Prodigality, Productivity, Profuseness, Profusion, Prolificacy, Prolificity, Prolixity, Rampancy, Rankness, Redundance, Reiteration, Reiterativeness, Repetition for effect, Repetitiveness, Roundabout, Signal, Spate, Stammering, Stuttering, Superabundance, Superfluity, Superfluousness, Superflux, Surplus, Surplusage, Talkativeness, Tautologism, Tautology, Teemingness, Tirade, Tumidity, Turgidity, Unnecessariness, Verbality, Verbosity, Superfluity, Unnecessariness, Expendability, Uselessness, Excess

How to use Redundancy in a sentence?

  1. Some jobs may have a boring state of redundancy but they need to be done by someone and today its your turn.
  2. There was a lot of redundancy in the mans presentation and it made all of us bored in the audience.
  3. Sometimes you may have to do something over and over in a state of redundancy but thats what the job entail.s.
  4. The redundancy of 19th-century heavy plant machinery.

Meaning of Redundancy & Redundancy Definition