Definition of Reduction:

  1. Substitution of a sound which requires less muscular effort to articulate.

  2. The process or result of reducing or being reduced.

  3. A chemical reaction in which hydrogen is added to, or oxygen is removed from, a compound. Opposite of oxidation.

  4. The action of remedying a dislocation or fracture by returning the affected part of the body to its normal position.

  5. A thing that is made smaller or less in size or amount.

  6. The action or fact of making a specified thing smaller or less in amount, degree, or size.

Synonyms of Reduction

Abasement, Abatement, Abbreviation, About-face, Abridgment, Abstract, Acetification, Acidification, Acidulation, Addition, Agio, Alchemy, Alkalization, Allayment, Alleviation, Allowance, Analgesia, Anesthesia, Anesthetizing, Apocope, Appeasement, Approximation, Assimilation, Assuagement, Assumption, Astriction, Astringency, Attenuation, Attrition, Bank discount, Becoming, Blunting, Bottleneck, Break, Breakage, Breaking, Bump, Bust, Calming, Carbonation, Cash discount, Casting down, Catalysis, Cervix, Chain discount, Change, Change-over, Charge-off, Cheapening, Chemicalization, Circumscription, Coarctation, Compactedness, Compaction, Compression, Compressure, Concavity, Concentration, Concession, Condensation, Conquering, Consolidation, Conspectus, Constriction, Constringency, Contraction, Contracture, Conversion, Crushing, Curtailment, Cut, Cutting, Dampening, Damping, De-escalation, Deadening, Debasement, Debilitation, Decline, Decrease, Decrement, Decrescence, Deduction, Deflation, Degradation, Degrading, Demotion, Demulsion, Depletion, Depluming, Depreciation, Depression, Derogation, Descent, Detraction, Detrusion, Devaluation, Devitalization, Differentiation, Dilution, Diminishment, Diminuendo, Diminution, Dip, Discount, Disgrading, Disparagement, Displuming, Dive, Division, Domestication, Downgrading, Drawback, Ducking, Dulcification, Dulling, Dying, Dying off, Ease, Easement, Easing, Effemination, Electrolysis, Elision, Ellipsis, Enervation, Enfeeblement, Epitome, Equation, Evisceration, Evolution, Exhaustion, Extenuation, Extraction, Extrapolation, Fade-out, Falling-off, Fatigue, Ferment, Fermentation, Flip-flop, Foreshortening, Growth, Hauling down, Hollowness, Hourglass, Hourglass figure, Humbling, Humiliation, Hushing, Hydrogenation, Impairment, Inanition, Integration, Interpolation, Inversion, Involution, Isomerism, Isthmus, Kickback, Knitting, Languishment, Lapse, Leniency, Lessening, Letdown, Letup, Lightening, Loosening, Lowering, Lulling, Markdown, Metamerism, Metamerization, Miniaturization, Mitigation, Modulation, Mollification, Multiplication, Narrow place, Narrowing, Naturalization, Neck, Nitration, Nose dive, Notation, Numbing, Oxidation, Oxidization, Pacification, Palliation, Passage, Penalty, Penalty clause, Percentage, Phosphatization, Plummet, Plummeting, Plunge, Polymerism, Polymerization, Position isomerism, Practice, Precis, Premium, Price cut, Price fall, Price reduction, Price-cut, Progress, Proportion, Puckering, Pursing, Quelling, Quietening, Quieting, Re-formation, Rebate, Rebatement, Recap, Recapitulation, Reconversion, Refund, Relaxation, Relief, Remedy, Remission, Resolution, Retraction, Retrenchment, Reversal, Rollback, Sag, Sagging, Salvage, Salving, Saturization, Scaling down, Setoff, Shift, Shortening, Shrinkage, Simplicity, Sinking, Slackening, Slash, Slump, Softening, Solidification, Soothing, Stranglement, Strangulation, Striction, Stricture, Stripping of rank, Subdual, Subduement, Submergence, Subtraction, Summary, Summation, Suppression, Switch, Switch-over, Syncope, Synopsis, Systole, Taming, Tare, Telescoping, Tempering, Thinning, Thrusting under, Time discount, Trade discount, Tranquilization, Transformation, Transit, Transition, Treading down, Tret, Truncation, Turning into, Underselling, Volte-face, Wasp waist, Weakening, Working, Wrinkling, Write-off, Depletion, Cut, Cutting, Cutback, Scaling down, Trimming, Slimming, Slimming down, Pruning, Axing, Chopping, Curtailment, Limiting

How to use Reduction in a sentence?

  1. The process of vowel reduction.
  2. Every since the implementation of the Prisoners for Profit program, Memphis has seen a significant reduction in recidivism from last year.
  3. There has been a huge reduction in the amount of animals at the zoo and everyone thinks it is due to the bad weather in the town.
  4. Billy got a below passing grade on his advanced chemistry test because he didnt fully understand how reduction chemistry worked.
  5. Talks on arms reduction.
  6. The reaction is limited to reduction to the hydrocarbon.
  7. We must see if the fracture requires reduction.

Meaning of Reduction & Reduction Definition