Definition of Reduction:

  1. Replacing sounds that require less muscle strength to express.

  2. The process or consequences of reduction or reduction.

  3. A chemical reaction in which hydrogen is added to a mixture or oxygen is expelled. Against oxidation.

  4. Measure the repair of dislocations or fractures after the affected part of the body has returned to normal.

  5. Anything that is smaller or smaller in size or quantity.

  6. The process or process of making someone smaller or smaller in number, degree or size.

Synonyms of Reduction

Precis, Lulling, Solidification, Involution, Anesthetizing, Languishment, Alkalization, Differentiation, Foreshortening, Breaking, Subtraction, Hourglass figure, Sinking, Becoming, Retrenchment, Analgesia, Isthmus, Subduement, Time discount, Lessening, Summation, Tranquilization, Rebatement, Slackening, Damping, Nose dive, Slimming, Domestication, Devitalization, Growth, Disgrading, Sag, Abridgment, Penalty clause, Chain discount, Salving, Axing, Attenuation, Debilitation, Thrusting under, Casting down, Interpolation, Bank discount, Demotion, Discount, Treading down, Displuming, Quieting, Constringency, Impairment, Underselling, Apocope, Wasp waist, Anesthesia, Price cut, Practice, Puckering, Soothing, Dive, Metamerism, Carbonation, Depression, Enfeeblement, Softening, Alchemy, Working, Stranglement, Change-over, Scaling down, Cutting, Rollback, Lowering, Transit, Compaction, Narrowing, Leniency, Switch, Depreciation, Plummet, Degrading, Letdown, Limiting, Setoff, Derogation, Write-off, Conversion, Palliation, Curtailment, Astriction, Dip, Simplicity, Dampening, ■■■■■■, De-escalation, Switch-over, Dilution, Re-formation, Inanition, Fade-out, Polymerization, Depluming, Cash discount, Plunge, Neck, Premium, Dying off, Taming, Chopping, Devaluation, Change, Relaxation, Catalysis, Submergence, Humbling, Allowance, Mitigation, Attrition, Synopsis, Ellipsis, Volte-face, Pruning, Evisceration, Cutting, Nitration, Recapitulation, Compression, Remedy, Decline, Charge-off, Passage, Shrinkage, Assumption, Flip-flop, Extrapolation, Loosening, Price fall, About-face, Abatement, Consolidation, Contraction, Knitting, Quelling, Diminuendo, Electrolysis, Rebate, Turning into, Isomerism, Contracture, Proportion, Strangulation, Abstract, Stripping of rank, Reversal, Easing, Tare, Letup, Abbreviation, Oxidization, Chemicalization, Hauling down, Falling-off, Diminution, Modulation, Assimilation, Subdual, Assuagement, Saturization, Bust, Quietening, Lapse, Oxidation, Position isomerism, Polymerism, Cut, Slimming down, Pursing, Reconversion, Sagging, Trade discount, Fatigue, Drawback, Inversion, Dulcification, Extraction, Appeasement, Recap, Depletion, Integration, Diminishment, Constriction, Easement, Shortening, Elision, Decrement, Demulsion, Exhaustion, Hourglass, Concavity, Alleviation, Scaling down, Concession, Conquering, Calming, Blunting, Truncation, Mollification, Trimming, Allayment, Striction, Compressure, Weakening, Addition, Notation, Enervation, Hollowness, Agio, Stricture, Compactedness, Approximation, Relief, Evolution, Markdown, Ducking, Deduction, Retraction, Coarctation, Degradation, Hushing, Conspectus, Tempering, Ferment, Miniaturization, Thinning, Crushing, Deadening, Cutback, Progress, Shift, Effemination, Resolution, Cut, Cheapening, Bottleneck, Abasement, Metamerization, Decrease, Salvage, Pacification, Dying, Numbing, Dulling, Kickback, Naturalization, Plummeting, Telescoping, Extenuation, Price-cut, Suppression, Percentage, Systole, Bump, Multiplication, Detraction, Penalty, Decrescence, Slump, Division, Debasement, Acidulation, Depletion, Narrow place, Detrusion, Concentration, Downgrading, Tret, Break, Refund, Condensation, Transition, Remission, Curtailment, Syncope, Equation, Summary, Price reduction, Transformation, Humiliation, Breakage, Circumscription, Astringency, Disparagement, Deflation, Epitome, Ease, Fermentation, Slash, Hydrogenation, Descent, Wrinkling, Acidification, Lightening, Acetification, Phosphatization

How to use Reduction in a sentence?

  1. The process of reducing the head.
  2. Since implementing a for-profit program for inmates, Memphis has seen a significant drop in rates year after year.
  3. There has been a dramatic decline in the number of animals at the zoo, and everyone believes that this is due to bad weather in the city.
  4. Billy scored low in his advanced chemistry test because he did not understand at all how the chemical reduction was worked out.
  5. Weapons reduction discussed.
  6. The reaction is limited to hydrocarbon reduction.
  7. It should be seen whether the fracture needs to be reduced.

Meaning of Reduction & Reduction Definition

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