Redirect Chain

Redirect Chain

A redirect chain is when there are multiple redirects from the first URL to the destination URL. When a URL redirects, it does so with a single 301 redirect, but the series of redirects builds over time and can sometimes be caused by website errors.

Literal Meanings of Redirect Chain


Meanings of Redirect:
  1. Redirect.

  2. Examination of a witness after cross-examination by the party conducting the direct questioning.

  3. Replace one address or identification number with another to navigate to another location.

  4. Enter new address, change address.

  5. Tell them to go elsewhere and ask somewhere else.

  6. To replace the address or pointer with a new location.

  7. To send to a new location by replacing the address or pointer.

Sentences of Redirect
  1. Redirect the output to /dev/null.

  2. You will be forwarded right away.


Meanings of Chain:
  1. A series of connected rings or links, usually made of metal.

  2. A series of related things.

  3. A series of stores or businesses under the same brand.

  4. A series of atoms in a row that together form a molecule.

  5. A series of linked links of known length, used as gauge.

  6. Long tape measure.

  7. The length of the unit is 22 meters. The length of the Gunters poll chain. The length of the cricket field. Equivalent to 20.12 meters, 4 rods or 100 links.

  8. A totally ordered set, specifically a totally ordered subset of a partially ordered set.

  9. A series of related home purchases, each dependent on a previous and subsequent purchase (which is said to be interrupted when the buyer or seller declines).

  10. What limits, connects or creates a connection.

  11. (plural) Iron strips to the side of the ship to challenge users, which are also connected to the decks, channels.

  12. Canvas warp threads.

  13. Tie something with a chain.

  14. Connect different elements together.

  15. Give someone an iron.

  16. Block the mouth of the river, etc. chain.

  17. Obligated.

  18. Associates data items with a series of pointers.

  19. Can be combined with other data.

  20. To measure distances with a 66 foot chain, as in surveying.

  21. (related to Acorn Computers) To download and run (programs) automatically.

Sentences of Chain
  1. He had a gold chain around his neck.

  2. This led to a series of unpleasant events.

  3. This restaurant chain is expanding in our city.

  4. In the study, the molecular chain contained oxygen and hydrogen.

  5. Usual chains.

Redirect Chain