Red tape

Red tape,

Definition of Red tape:

  1. Abuse for the bureaucratic practice of shaving one's hair or moving one's legs, which professionals associate with a system that forces them to follow strictly prescribed procedures. Its name comes from the color of the ribbon used to bind official documents.

  2. Excessive bureaucracy or adherence to rules and regulations, especially in public affairs.

Synonyms of Red tape

Time lag, Bureaucracy, Stoppage, Delayage, Conventionality, Double take, Halt, Bumbledom, Bureaucratism, Suspension, Chinoiserie, Beat, Officialism, Moratorium, Grind, Rut, Pause, Blockage, Lag, Logjam, Hang-up, Slowdown, Well-worn groove, Afterthought, Block, Bind, Reprieve, Wait, Hindrance, Slow-up, Retardation, Retardance, Obstruction, Respite, Jog trot, Official jargon, Round, Squirrel cage, Protocol, Groove, Tie-up, Beaten path, Holdup, Ceremony, Decorum, Treadmill, Slowness, Paperasserie, Run, Delayed reaction, Ritual, Interim, Red-tapery, Delay, Jam, Bureaucratic delay, Dragging, Stay of execution, Ceremoniousness, Detention, Track, Stay, Red tape, Routine, Stop, Daily grind, Beadledom, Red-tapeism, Lagging

How to use Red tape in a sentence?

  1. This law will only create more bureaucracy.
  2. The bureaucracy that was considered an obstacle to our business plan was very disappointing for the team.
  3. To do my homework, I had to check the documents that I thought were unnecessary and a waste of time.
  4. Sometimes there is a bureaucracy that can only pass reprimands, fines or even imprisonment.

Meaning of Red tape & Red tape Definition