Red Ink

Red Ink,

What Does Red Ink Mean?

  • Deadline for the company's financial loss.

Literal Meanings of Red Ink


Meanings of Red:
  1. Red ink or oil

  2. Some red

  3. Communist or socialist.

  4. Money owed to a bank or lost in a business transaction.

  5. Orange and purple as well as colors at the end of the spectrum, such as blood, fire or ruby.

  6. Communist or Socialist (mostly used in connection with the Soviet Union during the Cold War)

  7. Blood stains or bleeding or violence.

Sentences of Red
  1. Your work will be marked in red by the teacher.

  2. What do you see in black or red?

  3. The company is red with 4 million

  4. Red lips

Synonyms of Red

ruby red, cerise, ruby-coloured, claret-coloured, carmine, cherry, leftist, revolutionary, scarlet, cherry red, socialist, ruby, blood red, vermilion, left-winger, Communist, claret red, wine-coloured, Marxist, Bolshevik, wine, cardinal


Meanings of Ink:
  1. Feature with ink (words or images)

  2. To sign the contract)

  3. Color fluids for writing, drawing, printing or copying.

Sentences of Ink
  1. The name of the tattooed key in the hat

  2. Names written in ink

Synonyms of Ink

maudlin, tipsy, inebriated, the worse for drink, drunken, under the influence, intoxicated, incapable, befuddled