Recursos Cohesivos

Recursos Cohesivos

Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys ..... ۔

I need all the relevant resources I'm looking for, but I haven't found them yet: (Please!

Repeated synchronization allows you to replace one paddle or phrase with another or another with meaning that is relevant. There are several reproductions, some of which are children:

1) Synonym = shovel with the same meaning: ricomilonario.

2) Hypnyms and Hypnosis = There is a spiritual relationship: you are a first class musician. This artist is at the party (connects Moscow to the artist).

3) Synonyms = opposite blade: Dolsamargo.

4) Omnialization = The swords already mentioned are replaced by ombre, advices, adjectives: Maria is beautiful, she enlightens the mind (her personal name is used to avoid repetition of Maria)

5) oval = omit the verb or object: I came to your party (say I sold it to your party because I say without saying I speak)

6) Connections and connections that you have.

a) = and besides, beyond this tom, suo a, parallel, harmonious, sub, etc.

b) disjunctive = o, u, system option.

c) enemy = p, however, emp, however, on the contrary, however, say, whether dic.

d causal = because, because, well, I think because, like above, closed fingers.

E) Consecutively = pay attention to the above, therefore, consequently, intentionally, because as a result of the above

f) condition = yes, provided that.

g) Temple = during, after, before, nowadays, then after a while, last, then, during, on.

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Women rule and

On Holy Day, she argues with God about the man who is the ultimate authority in the Guardian, and God wants to prove to her that in most homes women send their husbands for advice because they know that with him How to go, or so to the rise of war and mechanics

The Sunnah dodged and continued on its way. In every city he went to, he saw married life in more and more homes. When Sao Rico was on the other side of the world and the meat was almost gone, she reached home, where she was happy to see that her husband was the head of the family and that there was peace and quiet in the house. Then the guardian called the owner and said:

Which will compliment your behavior and attitude.

Your wife for your lifestyle, who gave you the horse I brought into the army.

The man was quiet and content.

And he told his wife what happened:

That, I didn't even go to see the horses. After seeing them, she came and said softly to her husband: Isn't the white horse better? It seems to me that a man who believes that his wife has a better walk and a better presence, comes and says to the Sunnah:

You're right, can't a white horse replace it?

Neither he nor the blonde man nor I gave him meat.

This is the text and I have to understand.


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Recursos Cohesivos