Definition of Recruitment:

  1. The process of recruiting new people into the armed forces.

  2. The process of finding and recruiting the most qualified candidates (inside or outside the staff) in a timely, timely and profitable manner to secure a position. The job process includes analyzing the requirements of the position, recruiting employees for the position, selecting and selecting candidates, hiring new employees and adding them to the organization.

Synonyms of Recruitment

Watchword, Gung ho, Impressment, Catchword, Clarion call, Go for broke, Bugle call, Call to arms, Conscription, Levy, Call, Press, Draft, Selective service, Call-up, Exhortation, Slogan, Drafting, Rally, Rebel yell, Draft call, Rallying cry, War whoop, Compulsory military service, Muster, Enlistment, Enrollment, Summons, Clarion, War cry, Induction, Recruiting, Mobilization, Trumpet call

How to use Recruitment in a sentence?

  1. Managers recruited at the Investment Bank are very busy conducting interviews and career fairs during the rental season at various universities.
  2. He cited lower unemployment and increased job availability as other reasons for the decline in military recruitment.
  3. As one of the best recruiting professionals in the region, John has provided many employers with excellent candidate identification skills.
  4. Early employment brings many seemingly qualified candidates into the hiring pool, but hiring managers only need to choose one.

Meaning of Recruitment & Recruitment Definition

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