Definition of Recoup:

  1. Regain (something lost or expended).

  2. Payment to cover costs associated with legal claims.

Synonyms of Recoup

Atone, Get back, Kick back, Make amends, Make good, Make reparation, Make restitution, Make up, Make up for, Make up to, Pay back, Pay in kind, Quit, Ransom, Recapture, Reclaim, Reclaiming, Reclamation, Recompense, Recoupment, Recover, Recovery, Recruit, Recuperate, Recuperation, Recycle, Redeem, Redemption, Redress, Refund, Regain, Regainment, Reimburse, Remunerate, Renovate, Reoccupation, Reoccupy, Repay, Replevin, Replevy, Repossess, Repossession, Requite, Rescue, Restoration, Restore, Resume, Resumption, Retake, Retaking, Retrieval, Retrieve, Revindicate, Revindication, Revival, Revive, Salvage, Take back, Trover, Win back, Get back, Regain, Recover, Win back, Retrieve, Repossess, Redeem, Make good

How to use Recoup in a sentence?

  1. Rains have helped recoup water levels.

Meaning of Recoup & Recoup Definition