Records Series

Records Series,

How To Define Records Series?

  1. Types of data records that have the same function and retention period are examined in units for the purpose of maintaining it.

Literal Meanings of Records Series


Meanings of Records:
  1. Something that is evidence of the past, especially written records or some other permanent form.

  2. The total number of past achievements or accomplishments of a person, organization or thing.

  3. Great deeds or extraordinary events of its kind.

  4. A thin plastic disc that transmits sound recorded in a groove on each level to a playable.

  5. Writing for future reference was withdrawn in written form or in some other permanent form.

  6. Change permanently for later playback or transmission (sound or performance).

Sentences of Records
  1. Be sure to keep a written record

  2. Airport security files are excellent

  3. Has a world record for more than a decade

  4. I listen to the recording in my room

  5. They were asked to keep a diary and record what they ate and drank

  6. They record guitar shows

Synonyms of Records

write down, previous accomplishments, make a recording of, documentation, career to date, commit to paper, accounts, put down on paper, files, previous performance, dossiers, document, file, track record, life history, dossier, highest achievement, take down, put in writing, put down, data, star performance, information, best performance


Meanings of Series:
  1. The same or similar things, events or people happen.

  2. A collection of radio or television programs, specifically of a particular type.

  3. Another term for a tone line

  4. The term used is "an electrical circuit or component arranged in such a way that current flows through it once in a while."

  5. Representing a subdivision of a system (in chronography), a series of layers and self-phased over time.

  6. A combination of elements that are related to their structure or composition with common properties or compounds.

  7. A set of values ​​that represents development or in which more than one value is represented by the same relation.

  8. Wave groups that share at least one sound property, but differ in other ways.

Sentences of Series
  1. The blast was the latest in a series of accidents

  2. New drama series

  3. Serial connection

  4. Plywood series

  5. lanthanoid series metal

  6. The main research topics that Genoki worked on were number theory, series and essential calculations.

Synonyms of Series

train, production, chapter, run, sequence, serial, succession, string, concatenation, chain, round, procession, set of programmes, progression, programme