Records Retention Schedule

Records Retention Schedule,

How Do You Define Records Retention Schedule?

  1. Records Retention Schedule definition is: List all file types and maintenance periods required.

Literal Meanings of Records Retention Schedule


Meanings of Records:
  1. Keep a written note or other permanent form for future reference.

  2. Subsequently converted to permanent format for playback or transmission (sound or performance).

  3. Something that is evidence of the past, especially in writing or in some other permanent way.

  4. The number of past achievements or accomplishments of a person, organization, or thing.

  5. The greatest achievement of your success or extraordinary event.

  6. A thin plastic disc that makes recorded sound in drains at each level for playback on the turntable.

Sentences of Records
  1. They were asked to keep a diary and write down what they ate and drank.

  2. He recorded the guitar at night

  3. Be sure to keep a written record

  4. Airport security record is first class

  5. Set a world record for more than a decade

  6. I listen to the recording in my room

Synonyms of Records

information, document, make a recording of, put down on paper, highest achievement, previous performance, data, dossier, report, dossiers, jot down, set down, make a record of, album, past, tape, files, life history, note, make a note of, documents, evidence, file, track record, previous accomplishments, career to date, previous conduct, reports, put down


Meanings of Retention:
  1. Continuity, use, or possession of something.


Meanings of Schedule:
  1. Organized or planned to be on an occasion (an event)

  2. Plan to perform an action or procedure with a schedule of scheduled events and times.

  3. Attached to a formal or legal document, especially in the form of a list, table or inventory.

  4. Issued for filling up one of the forms (designated "A", "B", etc.) (with reference to Income Tax Governments) and referring to different classes in which taxable income is distributed.

Sentences of Schedule
  1. Due in April

  2. We have set up an engineering program

  3. Clear installation schedules and accessories are required

Synonyms of Schedule

time, set up, fix a time for, arrange, book, organize, plan, line up, timetable, make arrangements for, scheme, programme, slot in