Records Management Terminology

Records Management Terminology,

How To Define Records Management Terminology?

The definition of Records Management Terminology is: See 8/20. Document management terms.

Literal Meanings of Records Management Terminology


Meanings of Records:
  1. For future reference, please write in writing or in some other permanent form.

  2. Convert to permanent format for later playback or transmission (sound or performance).

  3. Something that is evidence of the past, especially in writing or otherwise permanently.

  4. The number of past achievements or accomplishments of a person, organization or thing.

  5. The greatest achievement of your success or extraordinary event.

  6. A thin plastic disc that makes recorded sound in drains at each level for playback on the turntable.

Sentences of Records
  1. They were asked to keep a diary and write down what they ate and drank.

  2. He recorded the guitar at night

  3. Be sure to keep a written record

  4. Airport security record is first class

  5. Set a world record for more than a decade

  6. I listen to the recording in my room

Synonyms of Records

album, information, report, documentation, previous achievements, make a note of, make a recording of, note, put down, previous conduct, commit to paper, write down, track record, past, previous accomplishments, star performance, life history, file, data, previous performance, career to date, history, evidence, take down, put down on paper, dossier, background


Meanings of Management:
  1. The process of treating or controlling someone else.

  2. Fraudulent fraud.

Sentences of Management
  1. Deer herd management

Synonyms of Management

administration, falsity, management, untruthfulness, running, falsehood, direction, deception, duplicity, supervision, lying, governing, falseness, control, deceit


Meanings of Terminology:
  1. A set of terms used with a specific technical use for a subject, profession, etc.

Sentences of Terminology
  1. Half friend

Synonyms of Terminology

words, expressions, vocabulary, parlance, phraseology, terms, language, nomenclature