Definition of Recompense:

  1. To pay for expense incurred out of a legal decision or action.

  2. Make amends to (someone) for loss or harm suffered; compensate.

  3. Recompense may be granted as a reward or as the result of some penalty. As an example, companies may pay its workers with a special cash bonus as a result of workers' efforts that contribute to the company's profits. However, a company may also have to pay out compensation as a result of an injury that happened to the worker as a result of the company's negligence.

  4. Compensation or reward given for loss or harm suffered or effort made.

  5. Recompense is the act of awarding a target person, group or entity some form of monetary benefit as a result of the target performing some action, or as the result of some action that has happened to the target. Recompense is one of the main tenets of capitalism, as people perform a task in return for the incentive of wages or other forms of payment.

Synonyms of Recompense

Accord, Amend, Amends, Atone, Atone for, Atonement, Award, Balance, Balancing, Blood money, Comeuppance, Commutation, Compensate, Compensation, Composition, Compromise, Consideration, Correct, Correction, Counteraction, Counterbalancing, Cover, Damages, Desert, Deserts, Do penance, Emend, Expiate, Expiation, Expiatory offering, Fee, Fill up, Fixing, Get satisfaction, Give and take, Give satisfaction, Grant, Guerdon, Honorarium, Indemnification, Indemnify, Indemnity, Just deserts, Lex talionis, Live down, Make all square, Make amends, Make compensation, Make good, Make matters up, Make reparation, Make requital, Make restitution, Make retribution, Make right, Make up for, Making amends, Making good, Making right, Making up, Meed, Mending, Offset, Offsetting, Overhaul, Overhauling, Pay, Pay back, Pay by installments, Pay damages, Pay off, Pay on, Pay reparations, Pay the forfeit, Pay the penalty, Paying back, Peace offering, Piaculum, Prepay, Price, Propitiate, Propitiation, Punishment, Put right, Put straight, Put to rights, Quit, Quittance, Reclamation, Rectification, Rectify, Redeem, Redemption, Redress, Refund, Reimburse, Reimbursement, Remedy, Remit, Remunerate, Remuneration, Render, Repair, Repairing, Reparation, Repay, Repayment, Reprisal, Requital, Requite, Requitement, Restitution, Retaliate, Retaliation, Retribution, Return, Revenge, Reward, Right, Salary, Salvage, Satisfaction, Satisfy, Set right, Set straight, Set to rights, Set up, Smart money, Solatium, Square, Square it, Square things, Squaring, Substitution, Tender, Troubleshooting, Vouchsafe, Wergild, What is due, What is merited, Compensation, Reparation, Restitution, Indemnification, Indemnity, Compensate, Indemnify, Repay, Reimburse, Pay money to, Make reparation to, Make restitution to, Make amends to

How to use Recompense in a sentence?

  1. Positive forms of recompense include wages, salary, or bonuses to workers in return for their work.
  2. Offenders should recompense their victims.
  3. Negative forms include payments that result from workers compensation, lawsuit, or penalties.
  4. Substantial damages were paid in recompense.
  5. Recompense is the technical term for exchanging monetary payment in return for some action or occurrence.

Meaning of Recompense & Recompense Definition