Definition of Recognize:

  1. (1) To allocate or associate income or expenses to balance sheet accounts, or (2) the point when a transaction becomes part of the business.

Synonyms of Recognize

Accept, Acknowledge, Admit, Agree, Agree provisionally, Allow, Appreciate, Apprehend, Approve, Assent grudgingly, Avow, Be acquainted with, Be apprised of, Be aware of, Be cognizant of, Be conscious of, Be conversant with, Be informed, Behold, Bless, Catch sight of, Clap eyes on, Cognize, Comprehend, Concede, Conceive, Conceptualize, Confess, Credit, Descry, Detect, Determinate, Diagnose, Discern, Discover, Distinguish, Do homage, Endorse, Espy, Express general agreement, Fathom, Finger, Give credit, Give thanks, Glimpse, Go along with, Grant, Grasp, Have, Have in sight, Have information about, Have knowledge of, Honor, Identify, Ken, Know, Know again, Lay eyes on, Look on, Look upon, Make acknowledgments of, Make out, Nail, Not oppose, Note, Notice, Observe, Offer thanks, Own, Peg, Perceive, Pick out, Pick up, Pinpoint, Place, Possess, Prehend, Ratify, Realize, Recall, Recall knowledge of, Recollect, Reidentify, Remark, Remember, Render credit, Render thanks, Respect, Return thanks, Reward, Salute, Sanction, Savvy, See, Seize, Sense, Sight, Spot, Spy, Take in, Tell, Thank, Twig, Understand, Validate, View, Warrant, Witness, Wot, Wot of, Yield

Meaning of Recognize & Recognize Definition

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