Definition of Recklessness:

  1. Conduct or state of mind characterized by a conscious and dangerous disregard of others safety or well being, resulting in creation of an obvious and substantial risk of harm to them. Recklessness amounts to a greater degree of fault than negligence but (because it does not connote malice) to a lesser degree than wantonness.

Synonyms of Recklessness

Abandon, Accidia, Acedia, Apathy, Ataraxia, Ataraxy, Callowness, Careless abandon, Carelessness, Casualness, Childishness, Cursoriness, Desperateness, Detachment, Devil-may-careness, Disinterest, Dispassion, Disregard, Disregardfulness, Easiness, Easygoingness, Forgetfulness, Furiousness, Haste, Hastiness, Heedlessness, Hotheadedness, Hurriedness, Immaturity, Impatience, Impetuosity, Impetuousness, Imprudence, Impulsiveness, Inadvisability, Inattention, Inconsiderateness, Inconsideration, Incuriosity, Indifference, Indiscreetness, Indiscretion, Indiscrimination, Inexcitability, Inexpedience, Injudiciousness, Insouciance, Irrationality, Lack of affect, Lack of foresight, Lackadaisicalness, Laziness, Listlessness, Mindlessness, Negligence, Nonchalance, Oblivion, Offhandedness, Overeagerness, Overenthusiasm, Overhastiness, Overzealousness, Perfunctoriness, Pococurantism, Pompousness, Precipitance, Precipitancy, Precipitateness, Precipitation, Precipitousness, Puerility, Quickness, Rashness, Reasonlessness, Regardlessness, Senselessness, Sloth, Sprezzatura, Stuffiness, Suddenness, Tactlessness, Thoughtlessness, Unanxiousness, Unconcern, Unheedfulness, Unintelligence, Unmindfulness, Unpreparedness, Unreadiness, Unreason, Unreasonableness, Unsensibleness, Unsolicitousness, Unsolicitude, Unsoundness, Unthinkingness, Unthoughtfulness, Unwisdom, Unwiseness, Wantonness, Wildness, Witlessness

Meaning of Recklessness & Recklessness Definition