Definition of Recitals:

  1. Preliminary parts of a contract or deed that only declare or explain particular background facts of the transaction, but prescribe no conditions.

  2. An enumeration or listing of connected names, facts, or events.

  3. A performance of a programme of music by a soloist or small group.

  4. The part of a legal document that explains its purpose and gives other factual information.

Synonyms of Recitals

Enumeration, List, Litany, Catalogue, Listing, Detailing, Itemizing, Specification, Concert, Performance, Musical performance, Public performance, Solo performance, Solo, Show

How to use Recitals in a sentence?

  1. They launched into a recital of their misadventures.
  2. Council Directive 92/56 contains detailed extracts from the Social Charter in its recitals.
  3. I gave my first recital at the Royal College.

Meaning of Recitals & Recitals Definition