Reciprocal Trade/trading

Reciprocal Trade/trading,

Reciprocal Trade/trading means,

Meaning of Reciprocal Trade/trading: Exchange of products or services A common example of this is an accountant who provides accounting services to a telemarketing service provider who in turn provides telemarketing services on behalf of the accountant.

Literal Meanings of Reciprocal Trade/trading


Meanings of Reciprocal:
  1. Mathematical expressions or functions that relate to something other than a product are quantities obtained by dividing a number by a certain quantity.

  2. A pronoun or verb that signifies a mutual action or relationship, for example, fighting each other.

  3. Given, felt or retaliated.

  4. (Agreement or obligation) is equally relative or binding on one of the parties.

  5. (Course or heading) which is 180 degrees different from a particular headline or caption

  6. (One quantity or function) is linked to another so that your product is one.

Sentences of Reciprocal
  1. Compatibility is a collaboration of compression modules

  2. In English we often ignore the "other", but in Italian it is necessary to use the equivalent when the process is shared by two or more people and exchanged between them.

  3. I look forward to hearing from you

  4. The agreement is a bilateral commitment to common rights and obligations

  5. Take a mutual route and descend to 2000 feet

  6. We still have their mutual table going in the opposite direction to the billions.

Synonyms of Reciprocal

complementary, joint, exchanged, give-and-take, common, corresponding, given in return, mutual, shared, felt in return, correlative


Meanings of Trade:
  1. Buy and sell goods and services.

  2. The exchange of something else (usually) takes place in a business.

  3. Buying and selling of goods and services.

  4. Special work that usually requires manual skills and special training.

  5. Commercial winds

Sentences of Trade
  1. Commercial intermediaries for luxury goods

  2. Replace clay shark liver for fish oil

  3. A move to ban all trade in ivory

  4. Build basic business principles

  5. Jobs in the Northeast

Synonyms of Trade

occupation, commerce, merchandising, line of work, substitute, walk of life, traffic, exchange, marketing, deal, job, replace, profession, dealing, living, field, calling, career, trafficking, buying and selling, day job, vocation, livelihood, line, craft, province, swap


Meanings of Trading:
  1. Business operation

Sentences of Trading
  1. The company's profits increase

Synonyms of Trading

selling, disposal, vending