Definition of Recidivism:

  1. The tendency of a convicted criminal to reoffend.

  2. Within the context of health insurance, this term is used to refer to the frequency with which an insured returns to the hospital for inpatient treatment due to the same ailment.

Synonyms of Recidivism

About-face, Amorality, Apostasy, Atheism, Backing, Backset, Backslide, Backsliding, Backward motion, Backward step, Betrayal, Bolt, Breakaway, Carnality, Criminality, Defection, Delinquency, Desertion, Disenchantment, Disloyalty, Evil, Evil nature, Faithlessness, Fall, Fall from grace, Flip-flop, Going over, Immorality, Impiety, Impiousness, Impurity, Irreligion, Irreverence, Lapse, Lapse from grace, Moral delinquency, Peccability, Prodigality, Ratting, Reaction, Recession, Recidivation, Reclamation, Reconversion, Recreancy, Reentry, Refluence, Reflux, Regress, Regression, Rehabilitation, Reinstatement, Relapse, Restitution, Restoration, Retroaction, Retrocession, Retroflexion, Retrogradation, Retrogression, Retroversion, Retrusion, Return, Returning, Reversal, Reverse, Reversion, Reverting, Revulsion, Rollback, Secession, Setback, Slipping back, Sternway, Throwback, Treason, Turn, Turnabout, Turning traitor, Unangelicalness, Unchastity, Uncleanness, Undutifulness, Ungodliness, Ungoodness, Unmorality, Unrighteousness, Unsaintliness, Unvirtuousness, Vice, Viciousness, Wantonness, Waywardness, Wrongdoing

Meaning of Recidivism & Recidivism Definition