Definition of Reception:

  1. The act or process of receiving something that has been sent, given or imposed.

  2. Areas of hotels, offices or other facilities where customers and visitors are welcomed and treated.

  3. Usually, a social food and drink social program is organized for one or more special guests or newlyweds.

  4. Rooms or areas where guests or visitors (1) introduce themselves and identify or welcome you, (2) sign up to stay at the hotel.

  5. Formal social events to welcome someone or celebrate special events.

Synonyms of Reception

Introduction, Crawling, Trust, Opening, Commission, Tolerance, Accueil, Convention, Introgression, Hope, Surety, Acceptance, Entertainment, Assembly, Claiming, Inclusion, Welcoming, Wake, Getting, Leakage, Embodiment, Membership, Access, Convocation, Salon, Reunion, Dance, Symposium, Getting, Hug, Drift, Admissibility, Store, Creeping, Assignation, Eligibility, Receiving, Preview, Quorum, Possession, Encompassment, Taking away, Ingress, Receipt, Welcome mat, Function, Percolation, Input, Party, Fade-out, Social gathering, Sitting, Credence, Ball, Sociable, Openness, Meet, Embrace, Assimilation, Derivation, Reliance on, Belief, Rendezvous, Forum, Acceptance, Conventicle, Stock, Panel, Credit, Shindig, Acquisition, Coverage, Comprehension, Exhaustiveness, Taking possession, Congress, Gathering, Welcome, Admission, Entree, Session, Theft, Hearty welcome, Completeness, Response, Party, Assemblee, Treatment, Affair, Assumption, Assuredness, Smiling reception, Social, Brawl, Turnout, Forgathering, Committee, Comprehensiveness, Social event, Plenum, Interference, Reliance, Receival, Ingression, Embracement, Suspension of disbelief, Infiltration, Celebration, Meeting, Certainty, Date, Fading, Entrance, Conclave, Congregation, Insinuation, Blind spot, Matinee, Envisagement, Formal party, Synod, Get-together, Get-together, Intrusion, Static, Intake, Soirée, Festivity, Seance, Colloquium, Atmospherics, Importing, Toleration, Social affair, Open arms, Gathering, The glad hand, Admittance, Credulity, Interpenetration, Confidence, Blaring, Function, At home, Receiving, Taking, Vernissage, Noise, Sureness, Reaction, Penetration, Receipt, Levee, Do, Social occasion, Incoming, Acquiescence, Dependence, Import, Caucus, Insertion, Faith, Prom, Rally, Blasting, Eisteddfod, Assurance, Ingoing, Seepage, Importation, Income, Council, Soiree, Participation, Fete, Entry, Comprisal, Greeting, Acceptation, Whole, Acception, Inclusiveness, Sit-in, Incorporation, Concourse, Housewarming, Diet

How to use Reception in a sentence?

  1. Wedding reception ceremony.
  2. In telecommunications, the electronic receiver acts as a radio or remote control (a good signal allows for a clear reception). Formal TV evening receptions, such as weddings, where guests are greeted by hosts and guests. An honor reception is the first contact in an office reception (football), a type of game in which the ball is played by players in the first year of the year at the start of teams in England, Wales and South Australia. ۔ (Occupied) Elementary school, welcome after preschool or kindergarten (astrology), in astrology, where the astrological dignity of the sign planet or other planet
  3. Arthur is surprised that a huge and star-studded reception for breaking the meter resulted in a fine of only .00 to 36.00, but he still does not know that he is dreaming.
  4. When he arrived to receive the award, he was greeted by fans in his hometown.
  5. Receive determination from other neurons.
  6. Welcome

Meaning of Reception & Reception Definition