Definition of Receive:

  1. Forms (ideas or impressions) as a result of ideas or experiences.

  2. Identify or detect (transmission signal)

  3. (In tennis and similar sports) is a player offered by the server (ball).

  4. Accept or get something. A person may receive goods (such as letters or gifts) or immovable things (such as words of encouragement).

  5. Injury, live or exposed (special treatment).

  6. Eat or drink (in Christian worship) (Eucharistic bread or wine).

  7. It serves as a container.

  8. Greetings or greetings (visitor) officially.

  9. To supply, service or pay for (something).

Synonyms of Receive

Claim, Come into, Whip up, Glom on to, Pull down, Lay hands on, Acquiesce in, Earn, Accede, Be certain, Get, Pick up, Gross, Assume, Come by, Steal, Comprehend, Hug, Take on, Have, Meet, Count in, Acclaim, Be paid, Be presented with, Be awarded, Include, Hear, Take over, Sweep, Suffer, Subscribe to, Assent, Clap hands on, Bear, Clench, Collect, Net, Yield assent, Admit, Find out, Meet with, Take on faith, Fill, Be subjected to, Consent, Take, Abide by, Meet with, Seize, Palm, Grip, Gripe, Comply, Credit, Undergo, Occupy, Be told, Grab, Accept, Set store by, Partake, Reckon with, Give faith to, Grasp, Be given, Loot, Nail, Show in, Clasp, Vote for, Usher in, Cover, Pocket, Take possession, Drain off, Secure, Buy, Get hold of, Agree, Give an entree, Agree with, Go through, Nod assent, Fill out, Envisage, Nod, Hold with, Believe, Acknowledge receipt of, Enclose, Obtain, Give the nod, Admit, Make, Mark paid, Identify, Embody, Come in for, Gain, Pinpoint, Hold, Take by storm, Trigger, Assimilate, Reckon in, Map, In toto, Take stock in, Intromit, Come in for, Incorporate, ■■■, Take in, Clutch, Cheer, Reckon among, Ascertain, Gather, Let in, Applaud, Undergo, Have coming in, Home on, Take into account, Complete, Acquire, Experience, Hail, Clinch, Take up, Encounter, Experience, Lay hold of, Greet, Encompass, Let in, Contain, Acquiesce, Spot, Take by ■■■■■■■, Take on trust, Put faith in, Inherit, Sustain, Take hold of, Derive, Claw, Believe without reservation, Snap up, Grapple, Catch up, Possess, Draw, Clear, Comprise, Profit, Take kindly to, Number among, Agree to, Learn, Greet, Throw open to, Draw off, Pillage, Accept, Tune in, Drag down, Have conferred on one, Embrace, Collect, Encircle, ■■■ up, Say hello to, Take for granted, Welcome, Draw from, Derive from, Scan, Receipt, Accept implicitly, Swallow, Endure, Trust, Fill in, Grab hold of, Accept for gospel, Welcome, Immit, Be subjected to, Sustain, Take into consideration, Snatch, Yes

How to use Receive in a sentence?

  1. The club representative was received by the mayor.
  2. The tall, muscular man was waiting for a taco order from the boy working at the window.
  3. The basin that holds your blood.
  4. If the tennis player also receives the ball to return it effectively, he must consider the type of spin given to the ball to compensate for the spin of the ball or the return of the spin. In flight during speed.
  5. The impression was that he had a peaceful time of opportunity.
  6. He received an award from his manager.
  7. The program had extensive press coverage.
  8. When the big truck stopped in the parking lot, the librarians in charge were waiting for the first load of new books to fill the empty shelves of the new library.
  9. Jill waited patiently to receive her package in the mail, but two weeks later lodged a complaint with the delivery company.
  10. He mingled and left.
  11. Received Turkish television in Tashkent.

Meaning of Receive & Receive Definition

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