Definition of Receive:

  1. Form (an idea or impression) as a result of perception or experience.

  2. Detect or pick up (broadcast signals).

  3. (in tennis and similar games) be the player to whom the server serves (the ball).

  4. To get or to acquire something. Someone can receive an item (such as a letter or a present) or can receive something non-tangible (such as a word of encouragement).

  5. Suffer, experience, or be subject to (specified treatment).

  6. (in Christian services) eat or drink (the Eucharistic bread or wine).

  7. Serve as a receptacle for.

  8. Greet or welcome (a visitor) formally.

  9. Be given, presented with, or paid (something).

Synonyms of Receive

Be given, Be presented with, Be awarded, Collect, Accept, Have conferred on one, Experience, Sustain, Undergo, Meet with, Encounter, Go through, Be subjected to, Come in for, Abide by, Accede, Accept, Accept for gospel, Accept implicitly, Acclaim, Acknowledge receipt of, Acquiesce, Acquiesce in, Acquire, Admit, Agree, Agree to, Agree with, Applaud, Ascertain, Assent, Assimilate, Assume, Be certain, Be paid, Be subjected to, Be told, Bear, Believe, Believe without reservation, Buy, Catch up, Cheer, Claim, Clap hands on, Clasp, Claw, Clear, Clench, Clinch, Clutch, Collect, Come by, Come in for, Come into, Complete, Comply, Comprehend, Comprise, Consent, Contain, Count in, Cover, Credit, Derive, Derive from, Drag down, Drain off, Draw, Draw from, Draw off, Earn, Embody, Embrace, Encircle, Enclose, Encompass, Endure, Envisage, Experience, Fill, Fill in, Fill out, Find out, Gain, Gather, Get, Get hold of, Give an entree, Give faith to, Give the nod, Glom on to, Grab, Grab hold of, Grapple, Grasp, Greet, Grip, Gripe, Gross, Hail, Have, Have coming in, Hear, Hold, Hold with, Home on, Hug, Identify, Immit, In toto, Include, Incorporate, Inherit, Intromit, Lay hands on, Lay hold of, Learn, Let in, Loot, Make, Map, Mark paid, Meet, Meet with, Nail, Net, Nip, Nip up, Nod, Nod assent, Number among, Obtain, Occupy, Palm, Partake, Pick up, Pillage, Pinpoint, Pocket, Possess, Profit, Pull down, Put faith in, Receipt, Reckon among, Reckon in, Reckon with, Scan, Secure, Seize, Set store by, Snap up, Snatch, Spot, Steal, Subscribe to, Suffer, Sustain, Swallow, Sweep, Take, Take by assault, Take by storm, Take for granted, Take hold of, Take in, Take into account, Take into consideration, Take kindly to, Take on, Take on faith, Take on trust, Take over, Take possession, Take stock in, Take up, Throw open to, Trigger, Trust, Tune in, Undergo, Vote for, Welcome, Whip up, Yes, Yield assent, Greet, Welcome, Say hello to, Show in, Usher in, Admit, Let in

How to use Receive in a sentence?

  1. Representatives of the club will be received by the Mayor.
  2. The tall, muscular man waited to receive his order of tacos from the young kid working in the drive thru window.
  3. The basin that receives your blood.
  4. In also receiving the ball, a tennis player, in order to return the ball effectively, must ascertain the type of spin which has been imparted to the ball so as to be able to compensate in the return stroke for the spin or rotation of the ball in flight during trajectory.
  5. The impression she received was one of unhurried leisure.
  6. She received her prize from the manager.
  7. The event received wide press coverage.
  8. As the big truck pulled into the parking lot, the librarian in charge of the new library could hardly wait to receive the first shipment of brand new books to fill their empty shelves.
  9. Jill waited patiently to receive her package in the mail, however she sent a complaint to the shipping company after two weeks.
  10. He received Communion and left.
  11. Turkish television began to be received in Tashkent.

Meaning of Receive & Receive Definition