Definition of Receivable:

  1. Amounts owed to a business, regarded as assets.

  2. Able to be received.

  3. Accounting term for amount due from a customer, employee, supplier (as a rebate or refund), or any other party. Receivables are classified as accounts receivable, notes receivable, etc., and represent an asset of the firm.

Synonyms of Receivable

Admissible, Admissive, Admissory, Back, Due, Hospitable, Imbibitory, In arrear, In arrears, Ingestive, Intromissive, Intromittent, Invitatory, Inviting, Mature, Open, Outstanding, Owed, Owing, Payable, Receptible, Receptive, Recipient, Redeemable, Unpaid, Welcoming, Unsettled, Outstanding, Unresolved, Unattended to, Due, Overdue, Owing, Owed, Receivable, To be paid, Payable, Undischarged, In arrears, In the red

How to use Receivable in a sentence?

  1. Lenders first exclude ineligible assets, such as receivables that are more than 90 days overdue.
  2. Part of this agreement states that both partners should be honest and fair by showing each other all the accounts payable and receivable on a monthly basis to maintain total trust through the duration of the partnership.
  3. Only some of the money was receivable and the rest had to go into the bank for the time being and could only be withdrawn in a couple months.
  4. The receivable had not been accounted for yet as the company was changing their accounting accrual method one time this decade.
  5. While reviewing accounts receivable for the firm in which she worked, she noticed one particularly delinquent client that had been still retaining their services.

Meaning of Receivable & Receivable Definition