Definition of Recapture:

  1. Capture (a person or animal that has escaped).

  2. Inclusion of an amount or quantity previously excluded from a computation.

  3. An act of recapturing someone or something.

Synonyms of Recapture

Retrieval, Regaining, Repossession, Getting back, Recapture, Reclamation, Recouping, Retaking, Redemption, Bring back, Bring to mind, Call back, Call to mind, Call up, Conjure up, Evoke, Get back, Go back, Go back over, Hark back, Look back, Mind, Ransom, Recall, Recall to mind, Reclaim, Reclaiming, Reclamation, Recollect, Recoup, Recoupment, Recover, Recovery, Recuperate, Recuperation, Redeem, Redemption, Reevoke, Reflect, Regain, Regainment, Remember, Renovate, Reoccupation, Reoccupy, Replevin, Replevy, Repossess, Repossession, Restoration, Restore, Resume, Resumption, Retake, Retaking, Retrace, Retrieval, Retrieve, Retrospect, Review, Review in retrospect, Revindicate, Revindication, Revival, Revive, Salvage, See in retrospect, Summon up, Take back, Think back, Think of, Trover, Use hindsight

How to use Recapture in a sentence?

  1. The recapture of the harbor of Bahia.
  2. Armed police have recaptured a prisoner whos been on the run for five days.

Meaning of Recapture & Recapture Definition